Some news coverage on the work done:-

The Indian Express

- Story on the road for the village - 17 February 2011:

- Story on meeting the man who shot me - 24 March 2010:

- Story on the development work done in Manipur - 18 years after he survived encounter Army officer returns - 17 April 2012:

Times of India

- Manipur Awaits Savior Soldier – 25 June 2012:

Hindustan Times :

- Man in uniform whom Manipur loves – 14 May 2012:

News Videos


- India Positive Awards –

- Shows the progress made since my journey -


- A soldier’s emotional journey - meeting the children whose lives were saved and the men who shot me - 10 March 2010

- A soldier who has touched lives in a Manipur village

Retirement News

India Today


NDTV Gift of Light to my village on my retirment

News on a new national highway I got for my village


Injured Soldier Saved Lives In Manipur Village. 22 Years On, His Gift - Light

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